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Corporate Responsibility & Who We Are

We take pride in supporting thousands of small businesses, entrepreneurs and enterprises across Britain and abroad.

Online Shop was created as a way for anyone to create their own Online Shop or storefront without hassle, with the simple idea of 'upload products, categories and be set' taking the pain away of having to hire developers and designers, and without having to rely on third party marketplaces. 

The original idea of an 'Online Shop' came after co-founders of Cozy, Terry McGinnis and Joe Todd came up with the idea of allowing any brand to create their own shop without the need of marketplaces and heavy reliance on their support and traffic. The idea became conceptualized and developed by Terry, splitting away and becoming it's very own company. 

After successful inception, the service now boasts big name brands and stores both within Britain and outside of it, from Europe to the Americas - helping anyone to enter online commerce with ease and start trading without barriers.

Online Shop works with small, medium and large businesses, enterprises and entrepreneurs with heavy focus on corporate responsibility and breaking down barriers of entry into the world of e-com. 

Executive Team

Terry McGinnis
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Terry is one of the founders and the current Managing Director (MD) of Online Shop and oversees the day-to-day management of the company and it's growth. 

He began his career early and has enjoyed numerous successes in e-commerce, marketing, technology and even fashion. 

Robin Vauvelle
Investor & Advisor

Robin acts as an active investor in the business and provides corporate mentorship and negotiation across the board. 

Robin is the Founder & Managing Director of WHM and has numerous ventures, from real estate development to tech. 

Oliver Saxon
Legal Advisor

Oliver acts as an advisor for all legal and counsel work of Online Shop, both externally and internally, dealing from contracts to stakeholders and investors. 

Outside of Online Shop, he runs his own legal practice named Tyto Law and is head coach of his own triathalon team, Animis.

Torin Cannings, PhD.
Head of Vision & Big Data

Torin acts as the Head of Vision & Big Data of Online Shop and provides the core team with statistical support and mentoring. He's influential in using data to drive success in the business. 

Torin has enjoyed numerous successes as both a scientist and in the private sector.

Paul Simms

Paul acts as a marketing and leadership advisor and provides mentoring and other support.

Paul runs his own consultancy and think tank, Impatient Health.

José Abuchaem

José acts as an active advisor in the business and ensures there are appropriate workflows within the business to help it grow and expand.

José is one of the co-founders of Nuvemshop and currently owns his own business, Jabuchae.

Ezekiel Taiwo

Ezekiel acts as an active advisor within the business and provides with leadership, diversity and operational support to the board. 

Ezekiel has decades of experiencce in executive level leadership and now works for LinkedIn as a marketing director.

Anant Sanchetee

Anant acts as an advisor within the business and providers ideation, AR/VR and other technology support and mentorship on an on-going basis. 

Anant works within Facebook's AI department as it's Head of Brand and Product Marketing.

Mike Jaret

Mike acts as an advisor in disruptive reach, out of the box marketing and software technology. 

Mike is the Vice President of Business Development at Running with Scissors, the team behind titles such as POSTAL 2.

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